A competitive edge in private debt: Auquan at PEI's Private Debt Investor Europe Summit London 2024

At Private Equity International’s Private Debt Investor Europe Summit London 2024 last week, Auquan CEO Chandini Jain joined Aude Doyen, Philip Edmans, Sabina Kerr, Roxana Mirica to discuss the state of the debt market and ways firms are gaining a competitive advantage in the changing private credit market.

Change is happening fast in the world of private credit, and professionals in the industry are adapting to this changing environment to stay competitive.

How are firms leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge and improve their value proposition for borrowers?

The answer is more frequently coming down to how fast they can move. How quickly can private credit teams identify deals and engage — before other firms do so? How quickly can they screen out poor fit deals and re-invest their time and effort elsewhere? How quickly can firms conduct due diligence and close deals fast?

This is ultimately a data challenge. The sheer number of private companies makes comprehensive data collection difficult. While the digital age has undeniably yielded a vast amount of information, much of it remains scattered, unstructured, and unrefined.

And the growing complexity of private company operations, fueled by global sourcing and marketing, necessitates a deeper understanding of their risk-reward profiles.

The two discussed how generative AI is starting to show significant promise in solving these data challenges. And specific AI techniques such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG) are unlocking the kinds of knowledge-intensive enterprise workflows found throughout private credit.

Private markets professionals can tap into a virtual "infinite intern" team (AI agents) to, efficiently sifting through the ever-growing stream of news, regulatory filings, and other relevant company data — so they can focus on high level analysis, making strategic decisions, and building relationships.


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While you’re here...

Professionals in private markets and asset management firms use Auquan’s Intelligence Engine to automate research and monitoring for deal sourcing, borrow screens and due diligence, risk monitoring, sustainability, and compliance workflows.

Using advanced AI techniques, Auquan generates material insights on any company or issuer worldwide — public or private — instantaneously, tailored for your workflow. 

Let’s explore how Auquan can help you and your team eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual data work and focus more on what you do best.

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