Auquan CEO Chandini Jain on how AI is transforming ESG data [Environmental Finance]

Auquan founder and CEO Chandini Jain was interviewed by Peter Crisp from Environmental Finance on the impact that AI is having on the ESG data landscape. 

Most of the ESG data that financial services firms use for sustainability research and monitoring is unstructured, which can be challenging for software systems to comprehend and extremely time-consuming for humans to sift through and summarize. 

However, as Chandini points out: “generative AI solutions can process large volumes of unstructured data far faster and more efficiently than humans can.”

“AI can solve a painful problem every ESG team experiences: collecting data from multiple portfolio companies or general managers and standardizing it for reporting purposes. This soaks up a ton of analyst time and is a workflow ideally suited for generative AI”. 

Read the article in Environment Finance.


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