Auquan Launches Prompt Intelligence to Deliver Real-Time Insights on Any Company at Any Time

New Capability in Auquan’s SaaS-Based Portfolio Intelligence Engine Aims to Transform KYB, Investment Research and ESG 


LONDON and NEW YORK — Dec. 7, 2023Auquan, an AI innovator for financial services, today announced the first and only capability in financial services that can generate equity, credit, risk or impact intelligence on any company worldwide, regardless of whether prior coverage exists. Financial services professionals can access Prompt Intelligence within the Auquan Intelligence Engine to produce material insights for conducting investment pre-screening, due diligence, know your business (KYB), researching ESG risks and impacts, and uncovering hidden controversies — within seconds


Financial professionals continuously rely on vast amounts of unstructured text —  company reports, regulatory documents, broker research, and news coverage — and sourcing and summarizing this data is time-consuming and costly. While vendors and consultants can help, their data is limited to companies included in their existing coverage, and their reports lack the immediacy, comprehensiveness and adaptability that today’s financial services firms need.


Auquan's Prompt Intelligence solves this by generating material insights on any company or issuer — public or private — instantaneously, and tailored for the user and use case. This eliminates wait times of days or weeks and frees up professionals to focus on analysis and making more informed decisions before markets react  — a strategic advantage in the fast-paced world of finance. Some of the largest asset managers, investment banks, and private equity funds in the U.S. and Europe have already deployed Auquan.


“Auquan’s Intelligence Engine gives us peripheral vision over all of our portfolio holdings and helps us evaluate potential investments, providing valuable insurance against company-specific risks,” said Inez Ling, research associate at Amati Global Investors. “With Auquan’s new Prompt Intelligence capability, I gain an immediate awareness of potential issues bubbling under the surface without having to know what I’m looking for ahead of time or wait for coverage to get built.”


Prompt Intelligence Made Possible by Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

The Auquan Intelligence Engine is the only solution for financial services that leverages retrieval augmented generation, a cutting-edge AI technique designed to handle the kinds of knowledge-intensive use cases that are found throughout the financial services industry. RAG combines the power of retrieval-based models and their ability to access real-time and external data to find relevant information, with generative models and their ability to create responses in natural language. 


Using RAG technology, Auquan’s Prompt Intelligence capability quickly accesses niche industry datasets and open source information to generate insights on any company worldwide that are comprehensive, trustworthy and accurate.


“With Prompt Intelligence, Auquan is completely revolutionizing how our customers experience the world’s information by delivering insights the moment they need them, effortlessly and efficiently,” said Chandini Jain, co-founder and CEO of Auquan. “This has been made possible with retrieval augmented generation, or RAG, which means no more reliance on teams of humans to build coverage and populate data.”


Primary Auquan Prompt Intelligence Use Cases

Auquan’s Intelligence Engine is designed to streamline any process which requires swift collection and processing of vast volumes of unstructured text. Some examples include:


  • Investment pre-screening and due diligence. Auquan enables private market firms to swiftly access previously unavailable data and analyze key details about any private company, helping them shift their decision window earlier for a competitive advantage. 


  • Know your business (KYB) and background checks. Auquan improves the speed, efficiency and accuracy of these checks and related compliance requirements by automating information retrieval from verified sources, summarizing data, and providing material insights. 


  • ESG and sustainability research. Auquan scans historical data and monitors real-time developments to identify greenwashing and uncover ESG issues, business conduct risks, or controversies, even those hidden within company supply chains.


Product Availability

The Auquan Intelligence Engine with Prompt Intelligence capabilities is available today. To learn more about Auquan and request a demo and free trial, visit



About Auquan


Auquan is an AI innovator transforming the world’s unstructured data into actionable intelligence for financial services customers. Professionals in investment banking, private equity, asset management, and other financial institutions use Auquan’s SaaS-based Intelligence Engine to uncover investment insights, identify risks, research sustainability, or ensure ongoing regulatory compliance for more than 500,000 private companies, equities, infrastructure projects, and other entities. Auquan leverages retrieval augmented generation (RAG) — a cutting-edge technique that addresses common pitfalls of using generative AI in the enterprise to consistently produce timely, comprehensive and accurate insights that users can trust. Auquan’s investors include Neotribe Ventures, Episode 1, and Stage 2 Capital. Auquan is headquartered in London, with locations in New York and Bangalore, India. For more information on Auquan, visit, and follow the company on LinkedIn and @auquan_.




Auquan Intelligence Engine and Prompt Intelligence are trademarks of Auquan. All other brand and solution names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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