Our ideal candidate:
  • loves math, statistics, and solving challenging problems every day
  • consistently delivers quality work on time
  • is relentlessly curious and has the persistence to carry bleeding edge ML models through to production
  • is able to apply ML models to a diverse set of problems, including (but not limited to) classification, regression, clustering, and text analysis
  • understands that ML is as much about research notebooks as it is about putting all the pieces together
  • lives in or near Bengaluru, India — this is a hybrid role that requires some in-office time for hands-on team collaboration

This is a senior hands-on role that enables you to make a major impact on the company, our product, and our customers’ success.

We are looking for someone who combines a minimum of three to five years of experience in machine learning and research excellence in the industry.

Experience in ML and NLP is essential. We would love to hear from you if you have hands-on experience with a cutting-edge NLP stack, including LLMs, RAG, and vector databases.

Specifically, you have: 
  • software development with hands-on know-how in productionizing ML solutions
  • Natural Language Processing (NER, Topic Modeling, Sentiment, Summarization, and NLG) using modern Gen-AI-based NLP stack, e.g., LLMs and vector databases
  • TDD, and CI/CD environments
  • AWS cloud environments (nice to have)
  • you have an educational degree in a computational field and a strong CS background
Day-to-day responsibilities include:
  • applying machine learning models to a diverse set of problems including classification, regression, clustering, text analysis
  • writing production-level extraction pipelines to fit our infrastructures.
  • building bleeding-edge ML models and carrying them through to model deployment. Whether it’s ML Ops, backend engineering, or cloud systems, you’re on it!

Why work at Auquan?

Auquan is a deep tech company with a strong focus on practical
applications for financial services. 

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