Chandini Jain of Auquan On the Five Things You Need to Thrive and Succeed As a Woman Founder [Authority Magazine]

Auquan CEO Chandini Jain sat down with Vanessa Morcom of Authority Magazine to discuss what it takes to succeed and thrive as a woman founder. 


“picture this: finance industry professionals laser-focused on making winning decisions, faster and more informed than ever before — not drowning in data all day. That’s the future I saw, and it’s what got me so fired up to leave and start Auquan. I needed to make that future a reality.”


“When you become a founder, you shift from being an individual contributor to being an organizational leader. It’s about recruiting a great team and supporting them so they can achieve their best. This means delegating tasks that align with each person’s strengths, providing clear direction and goals, and then trusting them to excel in their roles.”


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