Interview with Chandini Jain in Maddyness: "AI made better"

Paul Ferretti with Maddyness interviewed Auquan co-founder and CEO Chandini Jain after her talk at CogX Festival on the transformative potential of RAG AI (retrieval augmented generation) for financial services. 


"People would like it if AI could do the heavy lifting for them, and condense all the information down to what is actually useful for the associates. Employees could therefore focus on what humans are good at: Thinking, making decisions, dropping conclusions, not just pulling data from different data sources and joining them together... We’re therefore not building a system that can replace people, but a system that can do the mundane, boring and time consuming part and allow humans to do the creative, interesting, and decision making tasks." - Chandini Jain


Read the interview. 


Watch Chandini's talk at CogX Festival




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