ISO to launch its first net zero standard by 2025

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced that it has started work on the development of new international net zero standards. The goal of the new standards is to provide clarity and credibility to organizations' net zero strategies and targets to guard against greenwashing. The net-zero standards by ISO are expected to launch at COP30 in November 2025.

The upcoming ISO net zero standards may help establish a more universal framework for companies and financial services firms that focus on sustainability and impact investing. Investors will be able to more accurately demonstrate the credibility of the net zero commitments of their current and potential portfolio companies. 

Let’s explore the new net zero standards by ISO in detail. 

What are the ISO's new net zero standards?

The first net zero standards announced by ISO will provide a global framework for organizations of all sizes, sectors, and geographies to guide them in their net zero transitions. The standards were developed through a collaborative effort involving thousands of experts from over 170 countries, coordinated by Colombia’s national standard body, ICONTEC, and the British Standards Institution (BSI). 

The process for developing these new standards follows the launch of ISO Net Zero Guidelines in 2022 at the COP27 climate conference. The initial guidelines were intended to allow organizations to create credible net zero strategies by providing them with necessary best practices. However, the new process will evolve the guidelines into independently verifiable international net zero standards. 

“ISO takes our role in supporting a net zero transition seriously. As part of our Climate Commitment, we look forward to delivering an international standard the market has been asking for, and importantly, suitable for organizations of all sizes, sectors and geographies,” said Noeli Garcia Nebra, Head of Sustainability at ISO. 


Next Steps

The process for developing net zero standards was formally launched on 27 June 2024 at London Climate Action Week. Later in 2025, a public consultation process will ensure comprehensive global input on the net zero guidelines. Experts and organizations interested in contributing can apply to join the National Standard Body’s climate change management committee. 


While you’re here…

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