[Pulse 2.0 Interview] Auquan: How This Company Helps Financial Services Extract Timely Intelligence

Amit Chowdhry of Pulse 2.0 interviewed Auquan CEO Chandini Jain about how Auquan uses AI to transform investment research, KYB, and ESG for financial services customers. 

“A significant amount of an analyst’s time is spent manually sifting through volumes of company filings, research, regulatory updates, legal documents, competitive and supplier intelligence, media coverage, and sustainability reports. It’s a very inefficient and error-prone process at every financial services firm...


...I realized that with emerging AI technologies such as natural language processing, much of the manual work of sourcing data and finding relevant insights hidden in the noise could be automated using AI technologies. Financial services appeared to be tailor-fit for an AI-driven transformation.”

Read the full interview at Pulse 2.0


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