Auquan CEO Chandini Jain speaks att ESG FinTech Summit 2022

Auquan was delighted to be a part of the ESG Fintech Summit 2022 — hosted by Fintech Globalwhich took place in London on 14th June.


Chandini Jain, Founder and CEO of Auquan, joined the 'How to Efficiently Manage ESG Risk' panel to discuss how financial institutions can identify stake holders with high exposure to climate risk, and work with them to mitigate it.


She discussed how ESG risk can sit within existing risk frameworks as well as the skills, data and technologies are necessary to manage ESG risk with panel members Keith Davies, Michelle Leavesley and Victoria Collins.


This panel was a great opportunity to tell how Auquan fills the gaps in ESG research where existing data providers and manual research fail. We enable clients to get an accurate, transparent, forward looking view of the sustainability and impact of a company’s business operations, with zero manual effort.


You can watch the panels and presentations from the Main Stage at the ESG FinTech Summit by clicking on the YouTube video below.





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