From RAGs to Riches: Chandini Jain at CogX on the transformative potential of RAG AI

Auquan CEO Chandini Jain spoke this week at the CogX Festival in London, England on the transformative potential that RAG AI (retreival augmented generation) holds for financial services. 


Developed by Meta, RAG AI is an advanced solution for knowledge-intensive tasks in financial services. It combines AI-driven information retrieval systems with generative AI to address the need for dynamic, context-aware generation. Leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Salesforce are investing in RAG AI to build enterprise solutions. 


Auquan leveraged RAG AI for it's Intelligence Engine SaaS product, which turns the world's unstructured data into actionable insights for a number of financial services use cases, including company due diligence, ESG research, and risk and controversy monitoring. 

Read our white paper on RAG AI and why it represents a significant leap forward for financial services. 


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