Introducing the Auquan Data Catalogue: covering the full spectrum of ESG and risk data needs

Our financial services customers have been using Auquan to identify under-the-radar risks and opportunities for more than 500,000 public and private companies and infrastructure projects — and stay on top of issues and controversies as they develop. And they get in-depth due diligence reports on-demand on any of these companies or entities. 


But our customers have a variety of focused business goals and compliance requirements, and we’re introducing the Auquan Data Catalogue to meet their diverse needs.  


The Auquan Data Catalogue

The Auquan Data Catalogue provides the following data feeds:


ESG Controversies. This data covers actions or events that have a negative impact on the environment or society, such as oil spills or labour rights violations —  and the risks that could affect a company, such as environmental regulations or the risk of violating labour laws. 


Use this data for:

  •      * pre-investment due diligence

     * post-investment portfolio monitoring 


Compliance Screening. This data covers risks such as exposure to sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), lawsuits, fines, allegations of corruption, fraud, bribery, anti-money laundering (AML), and criminal history. 


Use this data for:

     * your first company check / screen

     * complying with AML/CFT requirements


Business Involvement Screening. This data shows the percentage of revenue generated from products and services that have a negative impact on the environment or society. 


Use this data for:

     * your first company exclusion check / screen

     * reporting portfolio alignment with principles


Sustainable Impact. This data provides the percentage of revenue generated from products and services that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 


Use this data for:

     * impact investments / SDG aligned funds

     * reporting portfolio alignment with principles 


Impact Metrics. This data shows policies, practices, and targets that are in line with a specific UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) — and includes quantitative performance metrics, such as the number of jobs created or the amount of waste recycled. 


Use this data for:

     * impact investments / SDG aligned funds

     * reporting portfolio’s real impact on environment or society

Issuer Universe

Auquan’s Prompt Intelligence capabilities can generate comprehensive and up-to-date intelligence and reports on any entity. 


     * 550,000+ public and private companies — all major global indices covered,

        including equities, fixed income, and multi-asset

     * Infrastructure projects (factories, mines, pipelines, plantations, dams, ports)

     * MSCI ACWI 

     * Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index

     * ICE BofA US High Yield Index


Data sources

Auquan accesses more than two million public and subscription-based datasets, including global media outlets, local news, shipping data, company websites and reports, regulatory updates, government agencies, sanctions, court filings and lawsuits, NGOs, and patents and permits. 


Auquan processes data in 65 languages (27 natively; 38 translated)


Bringing it all together with the Auquan Intelligence Engine

Finance professionals use Auquan's Intelligence Engine to identify and manage investment risks, research sustainability, and maintain regulatory compliance. Auquan leverages retrieval augmented generation (RAG) — a cutting-edge technique that addresses common pitfalls of using generative AI in the enterprise to consistently produce timely, comprehensive and accurate insights that our customers can trust.

Auquan Data Catalogue Availability

The Auquan Intelligence Engine and Data Catalogue data feeds are available today. Request a demo and free trial. 


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