Chandini Jain joins 20 MIN Leaders to discuss using AI to streamline financial services workflows

Auquan CEO Chandini Jain joined The Matias Experiment for an episode of 20 MIN Leaders, where they discussed using AI to build trust and efficiency in financial services. 


Chandini shared her unconventional journey from finance to founding Auquan, with the mission to tackle the overwhelming influx of data across financial services use cases, such as due diligence, sustainability research, and risk monitoring. 


She described how Auquan uses generative AI and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to transform large volumes of noisy unstructured data into actionable insights to enhance decision-making and help teams move faster than ever before.




While you’re here...

Professionals in private markets and asset management firms use Auquan’s Intelligence Engine to automate research and monitoring for deal sourcing, borrow screens and due diligence, risk monitoring, sustainability, and compliance workflows.

Using advanced AI techniques, Auquan generates material insights on any entity worldwide — public or private — fine-tuned for individual workflows. 

Let’s explore how Auquan can help you and your team eliminate tedious and time-consuming manual data work and focus more on what you do best.


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